Trevor lost 17.3kgs over 3 months in the lead up to his wedding

‘Caleb, is a great trainer. He strikes the balance between being friendly, easy to get on with and calm whilst at the same time not letting you slack off. He has been amazing in tracking progress, weekly I get a text from him asking about my diet and it’s this sort of above and beyond effort that makes training with Caleb worth every penny.’



‘Just finished 5 weeks with Caleb of ‘get stronger and get more flexible’ after a hip injury that had laid me low.
Caleb was fantastic, listened to my story, worked at my pace, reassured me when I was freaking out and set realistic weekly goals for me.
Ive gone from not having any core strength to actually having some!!! Feel heaps better in my body , my hip and even better my head space.
Id recommend anyone to give Caleb a go, he’s professional, realistic, motivational and fun :)’



Sanjay – Caleb is the best p.t I have had. In 4.5 months, he has restructured my form for my exercises so I am doing the right technique, improved my posture immensely and improved my cardio fitness. This is the best shape I have been in. Cheers Just Train

Duncan – Worth every cent! Caleb goes above and beyond and finds a perfect balance between friendly workout buddy and strict trainer. Routine checks to help me keep on top of my diet has helped hugely.
Results to match too!



Terry – Caleb Just Reference

Joseph – Genuinely the best money I’ve ever spent on fitness. Caleb knows when to push you harder on I leave each session with the most satisfying feeling in my biceps! On top of this, he offers a super personal experience that creates a 100% comfortable experience to workout in. 5/5 Keep it up dude!

Sarah – ‘Caleb’s a great trainer!! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get in shape/lose weight/whatever your goals!’

Clare – ‘Highly recommend Just Train! My fitness levels have increased and noticeable weight loss.’

Tina – ‘I was so thoroughly impressed at how much of a full body work out I had in such a short time (which is important to me being a full time worker and mum). Caleb was able to motivate me with can do attitudes not intimidation and I left feeling stronger, more positive, light and happy. Highly recommend to all!’

James – ‘This guy is on to it. One of the most on to it guys I’ve ever trained with’

Mel – ‘Really enjoying my training sessions and have seen results in a short amount of time which is very motivating! Highly recommend Caleb!’