Know your Calories!

So you think you know what is in the food you eat?

The follow image has a couple of examples of the caloric difference you can come across when you compare the same meal from a different place –



This highlights the importance of knowing exactly what you are putting into your body if you are looking at calorie control.

Thats why I use an online calorie count/food diary with my client that are looking to drop body fat or gain lean muscle.

My favourite site is – here you have access to calorie counts for most foods you come across on a day to day basis. Using this tool you can count your calories as well as your macronutrients(carbs, fat, protein) to help drop body fat, gain muscle or track your diet whatever your personal goal is.

If you are struggling with calories, macro’s or anything to do with nutrition, dont be afraid to contact me here and I can help you gain more understanding about the topic.

Happy eating team!

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