Sanjay’s 8 weeks of success!

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8 weeks ago Sanjay started an 8 week plan to trim down and re-shape his physique, and in the photos above you can clearly see his awesome results!

While weight loss wasn’t the primary target, Sanjay still managed a 3.3kg drop from 63.8kg to 60.5kg, and a drop in body fat percentage, from 19.5% to 17%. Also on the improve is his posture, and while this will be an ongoing work on for Sanjay, he is now literally seeing the world from a different point of view.

We have also improved his technique in all facets of his lifting to the point where now he is squatting pain free for the first time in years.

AWESOME JOB SANJAY! well done mate.

If you have any fitness goals you need help with contact me here, we can set up a consultation and get you started on your journey today!

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