How to…. Squat!

This week is a how to guide to squatting, to build the quads, glutes and hammies, strengthen the core, and build overall muscle!


Key points

  • Feet just wider than shoulder width
  • toes pointed slightly out
  • knees are soft(not locked out at any point)
  • core is locked in place
  • back is in the neutral position(relaxed, straight back position)
  • hips move backwards first
  • then the knees break
  • depth depends on the person, but reaching parallel is a good finish point on average
  • knees track directly over the toes
  • weight goes through your heel/mid foot
  • breathe in on the way down, breathe out on the way up

Butt wink


Butt wink during squatting refers to the rounding of the lower back at the bottom of the squat. The issue that arises is as the tailbone tucks under the hips, the load is directly applied to the lower back which can cause lower back damage. Butt wink is caused by a few things, most notably inflexibility of the hips region or depth of the hip joint. Inflexibility can be eased by stretching, hip joint depth is a genetic trait that is harder to deal with.

When I train clients in squats I encourage them not to squat past the wink in order to minimise any issues the wink may cause.

In a nutshell – everyone that can, should squat! it increases all over muscle growth and increases mobility… and the list goes on!

Any question shoot me a message and Ill be glad to answer!

Happy lifting team!!

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