Eating hints and tips


Meal frequency

For fat loss we should be aiming at 5-6 smaller meals per day. This results in an increased metabolic rate which helps us burn body fat more effectively at rest.

Portion size

Larger meals should be consumed earlier with portion sizes decreasing slightly as the day goes on(use calories/meal as a guide). Larger meals earlier will help drive your energy levels through the day and make it less likely to over eat in the evenings

Shaping your macronutrients daily

Carbs – higher amount of carbs should be consumed earlier in the day(breakfast, morning tea, lunch) and should decrease moving into your later meals

Protein – intake can stay consistent during your day but needs to be lifted during later meals(afternoon tea, dinner, supper) to counteract the dropping of carbs from those meals

Fats – daily intake should be consistent during the day to help balance your blood sugar levels and keep energy levels even

Timing your eating around your training


meal  <———–1 hour———- workout———15-30mins——-> meal

  • Eating 1 hour before maximises energy levels without risk of discomfort from eating too soon or…. well… vomiting during a session
  • Eating 15-30 mins after helps to begin the muscle repair process, especially with a high protein meal or a protein supp or shake

Cardio(for weight loss)

meal  <———–2.5 hour———- workout———1 hour——-> meal

  • Eating 2 hours before give your body time to process food and goes closest to replicating a fasted(empty stomach) cardio session. The ideal time to maximise fat loss during cardio is on an empty stomach as your body tends to use more body fat as energy
  • Eating 1 hour after gives your body time to capitalise on the caloric after burn created by you cardio session

In a nutshell – theses are only a couple of tips, I will share a lot more in future blogs, but these are a few of the initial areas I will cover with fat loss clients when they first start with me. Any questions just shoot a comment through and ill try my best to answer them.

Happy eating team!


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