Box Box Box!!! 5 benefits of boxing training


Boxing to get fit, lean and strong is now a massive part of the health and fitness industry.

Boxers are well known for being some of the fittest athletes in any sport in the world, and between the hand and footwork, core stability throughout and other technical points, its very easy to get a good workout by working in pairs with focus mitts(as in the video clip) hitting the heavy bag or associated training like skipping and agility work.

The best thing about boxing I’ve found is that anyone can do it, and while some people are initially hesitant to get involved, usually after a few minutes I’ve not found a client that doesn’t enjoy it!

And lets face it, people love to punch stuff right???

Boxing is the foundation from which Ive built this brand, so I incorporate it into all my clients programmes.

Here are my top 5 benefits of boxing training

  1. Increase in muscular strength – when boxing your whole body is engaged, and I like to think of it starting from the ground. This is where your power comes from, so your feet and legs are your power generators. That power is transferred thru the core(abs, lower back and glutes) and the upper body(chest, back, arms) are where this power is expressed. With the repetitive nature of boxing these muscle groups are constantly active and help to build muscle size and strength
  2. Increase in cardio volume – As mentioned above, boxing is repetitive in nature, and with that in mind the more of it that you do, the more capacity your lungs have to get oxygen into the bloodstream and to your muscles, the higher level of activity your body can perform. And because boxing is more of an interval based cardio workout, workouts can be shorter and have similar if not better outcomes as long steady state cardio workouts like running.
  3. Improvements in body composition – with the combination of an increase in strength and cardio volume, your body will no doubt see the physical benefits of this work. While “fat loss” can be a different focus altogether, boxing can definitely be an effective way to trim and lean out.
  4. Other physical benefits of boxing include – better hand eye co-ordination, improved strength of the posterior chain(lower back, glutes, hamstrings), increased core strength and improved reflexes
  5. STRESS RELIEF!!!! – this I’ve found is a big one for some of my clients. We all know that stress can get the best of us, be it from work, home, finances etc, what better way to take out some of that daily stress by pounding on a heavy bag or whipping out some fast clean combo’s on the focus mitts!!!


If any of this has stirred you into trying some boxing then go to my contact page and book in an appointment, or simply google around your area for a local boxing gym. I promise you won’t regret it!





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