My next challenge – anyone that is willing….


Its always been a goal of mine that I’ve wanted to tick off the bucket list.

To jump into the ring, gloved up and see what I’m made of.

That chance has finally arrived.

On April the 28th at the Ellerslie events centre I will be lacing up and going toe-to-toe in 3 2 minute rounds of corporate boxing. Ive issued an open challenge to the public and once an opponent is found the match will be set!

Follow me on my journey, everything from training, sparring, pad work, road work and diet.

Click here to find out more details, in the meantime ill be updating my progress as we go along.

Happy training team!

Appendix gone… training is on!


Exactly 3 weeks ago today on jan 30th I was admitted to Auckland hospital with severe abdominal pains. Diagnosed with acute appendicitis, the next morning I was put under general and had my appendix removed.

With 3 small incisions in my lower abdomen it was very uncomfortable to even move, but today was my first decent hit out with some interval skipping and heavy bag training.

I, like a lot of people, enjoyed my xmas period in regards to food and drink, and well, not a lot of exercise being done. And with my little escapade under the knife, my training was further halted.

But with this behind me and a road to rehab that is now very clear having been given the ok to resume training, I feel like I have a new lease on life, both in terms of my training and training my clients.

So long story short, IM BACK BABY!!!

Be sure to keep an eye out for a new series of blogs regarding everything health, fitness, nutrition and goals!!!

Happy 2017 folks, ill see you on the other side!!!


Double success!

Awesome week of results this week!

On the left we have Jack who is hit the 12kg lost mark on monday in preparation for his long awaited return to the wrestling ring.

On the right we have Keshav who today hit 6kgs lost in the lead up to the summer of cricket where he wants to send balls into the crowd for 6 and batsmen back to the pavilion!

Awesome work guys, really well done, hard work pays off and your goals will be smashed by the years end!

Happy training team…

How to… Deadlift!

This weeks video, by your request, is the DeadLift!

Its one of the most important tools in your resistance training arsenal, the following are some of the benefits you get from including this exercise in your routine

  • More muscles are used than any other exercise
  • Improves posture
  • Improves posterior chain strength(lower back, glutes, hamstrings)
  • Burns the most calories of any lift
  • It is used in everyday activities
  • Increases hormone production

Next week ill look at some of the “donts” of the deadlift to avoid injury and creating bad habits. Remember to always start light and increase lifts ensuring form is correct.

Happy lifting people!…..

Federal and Wolfe – Meal of the Month

The Avo Smash


  •  Smashed Avocado with Baby Vine Tomatoes, Feta, Lemon & Mint served on Wholegrain toast
  • Vegetarian
  • $15.5

The Avo smash is a favourite amongst Federal and Wolfe regulars, rich in omega 3 healthy fats and wholegrain toast to get those complex carbs for sustained energy and fibre, the Avo smash is a great way to get your day started!

Get into the Federal and Wolfe today and try it out!

Happy eating team!


Know your Calories!

So you think you know what is in the food you eat?

The follow image has a couple of examples of the caloric difference you can come across when you compare the same meal from a different place –



This highlights the importance of knowing exactly what you are putting into your body if you are looking at calorie control.

Thats why I use an online calorie count/food diary with my client that are looking to drop body fat or gain lean muscle.

My favourite site is – here you have access to calorie counts for most foods you come across on a day to day basis. Using this tool you can count your calories as well as your macronutrients(carbs, fat, protein) to help drop body fat, gain muscle or track your diet whatever your personal goal is.

If you are struggling with calories, macro’s or anything to do with nutrition, dont be afraid to contact me here and I can help you gain more understanding about the topic.

Happy eating team!

How to….. Bench Press

This week we look at the basics of the bench press.

Especially good if you are a beginner, the video above gives you a quick visual guide on the important points of the bench press to make sure your form is correct and you are getting the most out of every rep.

Important points are –

  • feet flat on the floor
  • knees at 90 degrees
  • shoulders back and down
  • when laying down, shoulders and hips on the bench and a small arch in the back
  • eyes are directly under the bar
  • grip just outside shoulder width
  • lower the bar to your nipple line
  • tempo at 2 secs down, 2 secs up
  • forearms are vertical during the lift

Keep your rep range at 1 short of failure(if your set is 12 reps, you can complete 12 but not 13) to maximise your gains, be it for strength, growth or endurance.

Happy lifting team!!!



Federal and Wolfe – meal of the month

Just Train has a preferred partnership with one of the best inner city cafe’s going, the Federal and Wolfe, just off Albert st. They are well known for their friendly staff, awesome coffee and their menu that includes an array of dishes that emphasise organic, gluten free and free range foods.

Once a month I will highlight one of their menu selections that promote cleaner eating and better choices when it comes to fine cafe’ dining.

The Brunch Bowl


  • House smoked salmon, cucumber, onion, capers, slow roasted vine tomatoes, fresh greens with tahini dressing topped with a poached egg
  • $17
  • calories – 401
  • carbs – 15gm
  • fat – 15gm
  • protein – 32gm

Packed with protein, omega 3’s(good fats) and water based carbs , the Brunch Bowl is ideal if you are looking for a delicious, but light meal for mid morning, lunch or afternoon tea.

Get into the Federal and Wolfe today and try it out!

Happy eating team!